5 commandments to achieve financial freedom offered to you by "Tony Robbins"

5 commandments to achieve financial freedom offered to you

5 commandments to achieve financial freedom offered to you

5 commandments to achieve financial freedom offered to you by "Tony Robbins"

Tony Robbins devoted an entire chapter on financial freedom in his famous book “Unlimited Potential”, with five commandments to build your financial edifice and achieve wealth. Money is one of the things that many wish for and seek because of its paramount importance in achieving success and happiness.

1. Learn how to deal with failure

If you want to reach what you want, and ensure financial freedom in the long run, you must learn how to benefit from failure, and one of the keys to success is failure. Evidence for this, if you look at any tremendous success, you will find that its owner has failed miserably, and everyone who tells you otherwise does not know anything about achievement.

Rather, the science of neuro-linguistic programming does not believe in something called failure, but rather it is a challenge and an opportunity, and that success is often hidden on the other side of failure, and unfortunately some people do not reach the other side, so whoever fails to achieve his goals is usually prevented from failing. Take the necessary steps that support them to move forward towards their dreams.

2. Learn how to deal with rejection

Tony Robbins begins this commandment by asking whether there is a word in human language that has a stronger impact and higher impact than that little word “no.” He considered that the biggest challenge facing individuals is that they cannot deal with the word “no.” He says that the best salesmen are the ones who faced rejection the most, and they are the ones who received the word “no” and used it as a push that leads them to the next “yes”.

Here he summarizes his advice: If you want to succeed, if you want to reach financial freedom, you must learn how to face rejection, and learn how to strip this rejection of its strength and power. He gives the example of the famous American actor Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), who achieved tremendous success in his films, and this success would not have been achieved without his ability to endure rejection after rejection, when he started acting he had been rejected a number of times that you would not imagine.

So, there is no real success without rejection, the more you face rejection the better you get, the more you learn and the closer you get to success.

3. The key to wealth is to be your most valuable self

The only way that is most important and capable of increasing your income is to make of yourself what enables you to add real value to people’s lives, and this will bring you success and financial freedom, of course. For example: Why does the doctor receive a greater wage than the janitor? The answer is simple: because the doctor adds more value; He has worked harder and developed himself to be worth more in terms of his ability to add measurable value to people’s lives. Any person can open a door, while a doctor opens the doors of life.

If you have more skills and abilities, more intelligence and specialized information, the ability to do things that few can do, or you can just think creatively and contribute to work on a large scale, you can increase your income more than you thought.

Tony Robbins talks about his experience in this field, and how he was able to achieve wealth at a young age in his life for one reason: he mastered skills and abilities that could instantly enhance the quality of life of almost anyone. After that, he came up with a way to transfer this information and skills to a huge number of people within a short period of time.

4. Donate a tenth of your income

One of the important tips given by Tony Robbins in order to achieve financial freedom and build wealth is to take a percentage of all your gains and donate them to charitable organizations and to help others, and the reason for this is that donating this part of your gains gives a clear signal to the unconscious mind that you have enough for you, and when you hold on With this belief, it will become a reality.

This is the concept of charity and zakat in Islam, as it is a spiritual key to goodness, sustenance and happiness, and even if you are of a modest financial level, you can give a little alms, and God rewards the charitable. “And whatever you spend, He replaces it, and He is the Best Provider.”

5. Spend less than you earn and invest the difference

One of the pillars of financial freedom is to allocate a specific percentage of your income to be reinvested, and not to spend everything you earn. The problem that most people suffer from is that they do not have a clear spending plan. Most people – unfortunately – live beyond their actual means, and this leads them to accumulate debts in the long run, or in the best cases they cannot face emergencies and incidental matters.

And Tony Robbins ends the chapter that talks about financial freedom and building wealth – the book “Unlimited Potential” – with important advice: Give more than you expect to take, the secret of life is giving. If you want your life to succeed, you have to learn how to give. Most people start their lives without thinking. In anything other than how they take, taking is not a dilemma, but you have to make sure that you give until the process starts to move, and the key to any relationship is to give first and keep giving, don’t stop and wait for the taking.